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Security & Privacy

GC Services utilizes a structured approach to security and confidentiality that is an integral part of our business continuity methodology. Our strategy for security is defined and represented through the Enterprise Security Model, a matrix which applies industry standard security principles across multiple domains and deploys various methods of control, monitoring and detection. This allows us to establish functional, logical and physical environment controls within an efficient user provisioning process with consistent service delivery levels.

Controls in place include:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard
  • Security and Privacy Controls – data security policy and confidentiality rules
  • Ongoing Risk Analysis of Infrastructure – yearly review of potential threats
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – yearly review and test of company plan as well as client- and site-level plans
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Analysis of Sites – yearly review of potential threats
  • Annual Review of Security and Privacy Policies – security steering committee
  • Electronic Access Termination and Logon ID Management Process
  • Intrusion Prevention Process – proactive risk mitigation process at all sites
  • Incident Management Process –  incident reporting processes
  • Application Development Methodology – system development methods
  • Formal Data Backup and Offsite Storage – SAN and tape backup media
  • Data Encryption – end-to-end encryption
  • Access control – defense-in-depth, need to know access, and password protected, monitored access 


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