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As one of the call center and collection industry’s leading providers, GC Services is well equipped to offer a wide array of customer care solutions and accounts receivable management solutions to both public and private sector organizations.  When GC Services first opened its doors in 1957, we were just one of a few small firms helping companies manage their accounts receivable.  In the over five decades since, our continued commitment to our vision to be the unparalleled leader in quality performance and client service has led to our continuous and steady growth.

Today, GC Services is one of the largest business process outsource providers with nearly 9,000 employees in over 30 call center locations in the United States, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.  Our partnerships include members from numerous industries including the automotive, banking/financial, retail, telecommunications, utility, student loans, and various governmental sectors.  Such diverse experience allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions to our clients with highly skilled management and staff.


GC Services manages automotive first and third party receivables. As part of the collections function or as standalone programs, our tailored auto deficiency solutions include collateral locate, skiptracing, retail deficiency collections (collection of deficiency balance after vehicle is repossessed and sold), custom notification (letter notification programs), performance-based pricing, and contract and insurance verification.


GC Services has extensive experience in a wide variety of loan/asset types. We are particularly proud of our long-standing relationships with many leading financial institutions. GC Services provides tailored solutions to meet specific performance objectives and service levels. We service various placement levels for secured and unsecured auto, credit cards, property, commercial, lines of credit, personal loans, first and second mortgages, home equity loans, and more.


Since 1982, GC Services has performed collection services on behalf of many state governments, as well as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, other federal agencies, and several municipal governments.  We currently manage many collection contracts worked on behalf of state agencies covering various types of debt management programs including all types of taxes, child support enforcement, student loans, court fines, municipal debts, a multitude of state governmental debts, plus commercial delinquencies of all types.  We possess experience in commercial and public sector collection techniques, effective hiring and training of quality employees, and comprehensive understanding of the specialized needs of the state debt and revenue collection environment. 


GC Services handles customer care calls for retail clients in a variety of business lines.  Our customer care handling is comprehensive and includes assisting customers with order processing, product questions, shipping inquires, damaged merchandise claims, product returns, and much more.

Student Loans

GC Services has a long-standing track record of success with the student loan industry.  Our client contracts cover an array of services providing student loan resolution and repayment, including loan rehabilitations, loan consolidation, administrative wage garnishment, administrative resolutions, and associated customer service. With proven methods and innovative solutions, GC Services works with each borrower to achieve the best possible resolution of his or her accounts while protecting the financial stability of our student loan partners.  GC Services is, and always has been, committed to the student loan industry and continuously dedicates our resources in support of that commitment through our dedicated student loan operating divisions.


GC Services provides comprehensive outsourcing solutions for a number of the nation’s largest utility and energy companies.  Areas of services include customer account inquiries, enrollments, service orders, transfer of service, billing issues, payment arrangements, outages, disconnects and reconnects, winter guideline rules, and account escalations.


GC Services has been providing customer care and collection services within the telecommunications industry for over two decades.  We are proud to state that we provide services to several of the nation’s leading telecommunications providers.  In fact, telecommunications is the largest industry we serve within first party collections.

Many Others

As a build-to-suit outsourcer, GC Services possesses both the qualifications and the experience to customize our services to fit our clients' specific program needs.


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